by Foody

Eating congee is a great way to hydrate your body AND reuse leftover rice. You can use glutinous rice for an extra smooth dish. Vary it with different condiments, vegetables, meat, or seafood. Use broth as the liquid and add egg for extra richness. Slice shrimp in half vertically to cook it instantly in the hot dish.


  • 2-3c broth, water, or other liquid
  • 2c leftover sticky, glutinous or other rice.
  • 1 egg
  • 2c Leftover meat, fish, or vegetables and garnish


  • Simmer leftover rice in liquid. 5m in pressure cooker or 20+ otherwise.
  • near the end of cooking, add some fish sauce, chopped vegetables, bits of seafood, or meat.
  • Remove from heat and add egg. Heat and swirl it in the hot congee while it's still a bit transparent.
  • Garnish with sliced scallion, cilantro leaves, or other. Adjust with soy sauce, tiger sauce, or other, to taste.